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We see geopolitics grow worse in an increasingly polarized world. Michael Sandel, the Anne T. and Robert M. Bass professor of government at Harvard University, says it’s hard to stay optimistic now, but there is hope in pursuing true dialogue by listening to the younger generation.

The 2024 U.S. presidential race is on and it looks like a rematch between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is in the making. Analysts point out that Joe Biden represents post-WWII U.S. interventionism in global affairs, while Donald Trump is prone to isolationism, believing that the U.S. should not be involved. CGTN’s Wang Guan notes that it’s a recurent theme, U.S. partisan politics over the past century being like a pendulum swinging back and forth between isolationism and interventionism.

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Welcome To South-South Dialogues

The formation of the South-South Dialogues think tank is a brainchild of various professionals in the development and communication sectors who believe that developing countries share the same challenges and, therefore, are best suited to share the best solutions.


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