About Us

Who We Are

Due to their own structural inadequacies and a skewed geopolitical order, developing countries globally are in a state of inertia, unable to overcome the vicious cycle of poverty, disease, political crises and socio-cultural disintegration. Oftentimes, however, these countries search for solutions outside themselves, while the real answers are usually within their reach of they could only search harder.

The think-tank comprises a dynamic team of social scientists and scholars in the humanities based in Kenya. We seek to change the prevailing narrative of the South as a wasteland of ideas and innovation, to a conversation full of creativity, hope, confidence and resilience among our peoples.

The team is flexible and can incorporate any kind and level of expertise and experience depending on the core area being studied. This involves scouting and incorporating of the necessary talent to undertake assignments as the need arises.

Although registered as a business, we do not seek to profit financially from our operations. However, we welcome grants from organizations who find our vision statement of value to humanity.

What We Stand For

Vision statement

To help create a world based on win-win cooperation and mutual respect within humanity.

Our mission

To create meaningful and productive communication among poor and developing countries in the search for solutions that can alleviate poverty among their people and achieve their developmental goals.

Core values

  • We believe that all human beings are created equal regardless of their social and economic status.
  • We believe that no race is superior to another.
  • We believe that the rich and powerful have an obligation to help those that are not yet generously endowed.
  • We believe that the core difference between the North and the South is simply a matter of direction.
  • We believe that the South can develop many times faster than the current slow rate through visionary leadership, zero tolerance for corruption and eradication of wastage of public resources.